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Hip to be Small

Hip to be Small



Hip to be Small


Is bigger always better? Here at The Bag Broker we just don’t know. Big used to matter. People wanted to work at big companies, make a big fortune, fly in big planes, buy in big bulky packages.


Then something happened.


We had a big crash and things started getting small. Computers got smaller, stereos got tiny and even our morning coffee was reduced to espresso.


Here at The Bag Broker we still think buying in bulk is good, but selling in small quantities can also be hugely attractive and this month we are introducing a new range of super premium small stand up pouches.


Here is why we think they are hip...


Small bags are flexible

Starting at 70g, 100g and topping out at 150g in clear and kraft finish means you can sell a limited edition run of coffee roasts, loose tea blends or whatever you like in fact and give your customers greater flexibility when buying. Customers can buy on impulse without risk of having a big bag that they may not use.


Small bags are responsive

Do you want to expand into a new market and limit your exposure? Maybe you want to sell to corporate clients or through business partners? Then small bags are for you too. Don’t go giving away great big taster bags to prospective clientele, use our 70g option and your samples will go further.


Small bags are very now

As consumers we are reminded every day about wastage. Don’t buy too much, don’t eat too much, don’t drink... you get the idea. Smaller packages appear less daunting on the shelf and help us tackle these fears head on.


So don’t get hung up on family packs and bulk buy deals like the rest of the herd, try our hip small bags, tailor your marketing strategy and give your customers more reasons to buy.


Because sometimes, the best things do come in small packages.


Yours truly,


Holger and the team



Ps – as you know, we love a good deal and to kickstart the launch of these new bags we’ve got the following offers available whilst stock lasts; Buy 2 or more boxes and our legendary delivery is FREE, if you Buy 6 or more you get an extra 10% discount on our rock bottom prices, or Buy 11 or more and receive a discount of 15%!